Jen McCreight, a blogger who describes herself as “a liberal, geeky, nerdy, scientific, perverted atheist feminist trapped in Indiana,” has never been a fan of Barbie dolls, yet she was moved to action when she discovered that someone has created an Episcopal Priest Barbie. The Reverend Barbie doll, created by Julie Blake Fisher, an Episcopal priest in Kent, Ohio,  has her own Facebook page and comes dressed in thelatest trends in clergy-wear.
“Man,” wrote Jen in her Blag Hag blog, “why should religious people get to have all the fun? I want an atheist Barbie!” And so (with tongue stuck firmly in cheek) she made one.
Here’s one of Julie Fisher’s Reverend Barbie outfits to compare it with.
With all the positions and professions Barbie has modeled before, can anyone be surprised at these new ones?
Photo Credit:
1) Atheist Barbie (Jen McCreight)
2) Episcopal Priest Barbie (Rev. Julie Blake Fisher)