Police in Ireland say a 43-year-old mother of three died after sex with a German Shepherd — apparently due to some kind of allergic reaction with the anima

Princess Victoria Did Not Have Sex With This Dog... But She Is DeadThe dog’s owner, 57-year-old Sean McDonnell, has been charged with breaking the country’s bestiality laws in the first case of its kind — because no one has ever been prosecuted under the nation’s 1861 buggery laws.

Police say the two met in an online fetish chatroom and that they believe the sex was consensual… but McDonnell could still face life in prison if convicted, according to the story posted at AOL Weird News.

I had no idea you could go to jail for life for buggery… especially since some U.S. states have only recently passed laws banning animal sex.

For the record, neither Princess Victoria nor her dog, depicted above, were involved in the incident.