Have you ever considered why it’s impolite to question another’s religious beliefs? The answer is simple. They can’t respond without sounding like a fool. It’s likely that many understand that their doctrines are absurd.

They do have this ability because they apply it to other faiths. They might say, ‘Group X believes man and woman were created when a giant bird snapped a piece of bamboo in two with his beak; that is so stupid.’ Yet, they cannot say the same for a clot of dust or a rib?

For me, this issue is minor compared to the larger one. These allegedly righteous affirm that they have the authority and duty to control your life and press their views on you. When someone points out errors in their argument most are so absentminded that rational points cannot penetrate their thick skulls. If you do manage to make a small dent in their spiritual armor, they retreat back to their Bible or holy shepherd for a reassuring swig of Jesus Kool Aid. There is a reason the church refers to its followers as a flock.

The faithful have been indoctrinated in the idea that their holy book is correct and this has been reinforced with constant threats of hellfire. This methodology is essential to the survival of Christianity, and those who reach adulthood with these notions intact aim to intimidate and bully others into accepting the same authority.

The holy rollers say they know the truth because it’s in their book. Most will continue to ignore evidence contrary to their particular church’s view. Their doctrine is grounded in wishful thinking but this system does have weaknesses. As mentioned before, these same individuals are fervent disbelievers in every other religion under the sun. They see the silliness in other faiths. Yet, most will continue to defend their claims until death in hopes of achieving some divine afterlife.

This type of behavior hinders their minds and society as a whole. How does this possibly affect others you might ask? Once again, the answer is simple.

They push beliefs onto other people. Evangelicals command huge voting blocks in the US that have hindered research in such promising areas as stem cell research. They want “creationist science” taught in schools. They oppose proper sex education classes while holding out on the notion that condoms are bad and abstinence is the answer. This aids in the spread of STDs, the rise of teen pregnancies and abortions, and massive government handouts to unwed mothers. They do this without ever considering the possibility that their religion, based on ancient scribblings of Bronze Age Palestinian desert dwelling thugs, could possibly be untrue.

Plainly put, religion is incapable of leaving people alone. The devout, especially Presbyterians, Baptists, and Catholics, want to ban books, censor movies and television shows, silence dissenters, and invade the private sphere by saying who you can marry or sleep with (and in what positions), all the while insisting they have the answers. Their actions do not equate with freedom. They would gleefully forfeit liberty as long as authority removed Darwinism from classrooms and placed the Ten Commandments on courthouse lawns.

Churches may preach of eternal bliss in some wonderful afterlife, but their leaders desire to make life on earth a living hell for us. Why else do they spend so much time and energy lobbying government leaders?

Can you imagine if we tossed billions into temples for Zues and gave our hard-earned money to men who preached stories about Apollo? Or if we refused to have our children vaccinated because some lunatic told us that we are interfering with Amen Ra’s will.

A nonbeliever can see through the veil of Christianity and other religions, yet the faithful look down their noses on dissenters. They believe an invisible, all-seeing and all-knowing man in the sky created them. He cares about them and loves them. He will reward them. The Bible is the be all and end all. Anyone who doesn’t believe in God or his book burns in hell. Under any other scenario, society would scoff everything they say and dismiss them as mental.

Remember this poor girl

Yet even today, in a nation such as the US, they are not taxed and exert tremendous control over politics, blocking pioneering research and insisting that their beliefs, masquerading as science, be taught in public schools. We must start criticizing these actions in hopes of putting these silly notions behind us.

Those willing to stand up to them need some “spiritual armor” of their own. And the truth is this: any time someone willingly puts reason aside based on claims without evidence it opens up realms for sinister things…as we shall see in future installments.