LEHIGH ACRES — The New Testament instructs Christians to love their enemies.

Now a Lehigh Acres man says he is attracting the attention of the FBI after he followed those instructions, attempting to send a dozen yellow roses to the suspected gunman in last week’s Fort Hood massacre.

“It is the Christian commandment to love your enemies and to do good to them. I did that,” said Dan M. Ross, 61. “Whereas the ministers out there in Fort Hood are praying for him … I went one step further.”

But Phil Enderle, the owner of the Texas flower shop that received Ross’ order in an e-mail, said it appeared Ross was doing more than being a good Christian and praying for U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who is accused of killing 13 people on the base on Thursday and wounding 29 more.

“This guy is praising him,” Enderle said. “He’s patting him on the back.”

E-mail records indicate that the ordeal involving Ross began on Friday afternoon, when he sent an e-mail to Marvel’s Florist in Killeen, Texas, ordering a $59.95 yellow rose bouquet for Hasan to be sent to any hospital in Fort Hood, with the intent that it would eventually be delivered to him. He ordered a note be included with the flowers reading: “Major Nidal Hasan. Koran 2: 190 – 3. In God’s eye, and those who submit, you are a hero!”

Ross finished the e-mail by instructing the flower shop employees to “play stupid” if anyone were to question them.

“My money is green like everyone else’s,” Ross wrote.

Enderle, himself a retired Army sergeant, said the e-mail was disturbing. Instead of filling the order, he said he called the base and “hand delivered” the messages to the FBI.

“The day prior to that, this major shot and killed 13 people … and now I get somebody who is quoting the Koran, insulting me by telling me to play dumb, and wanting me to provide comfort to the soldier who did this,” Enderle said.

Ross, who claims to be “the reincarnated Apostle Peter” and “the coming son of man,” said he doesn’t condone the Fort Hood shootings. Everyone has limited knowledge of the world, he said, and he believes Hasan has a limited understanding of the Scriptures of God.

“God would take that into consideration and say ‘You did the best you can with what you knew,’” Ross said.

Regardless, FBI agents were at his door step on Saturday morning, Ross said. He wouldn’t let them into his home, he said, and berated them for about five minutes until they left.

He said the agents tried to intimidate him, asked neighbors if he was crazy, and asked him if he was on drugs.

“If they’re coming at me at that angle, and I have to prove to them for 20 minutes that I’m not on drugs, then it’s hopeless,” said Ross, a retired computer technician who claims to have served in the Army for two years during the Vietnam era.

When asked about Ross’ e-mail and the FBI’s response, FBI spokesman Erik Vasys declined comment.

Ross sent a follow-up e-mail to the flower shop on Sunday, saying they did not respect his “US Constitutional rights.” He directed them to his Web site, http://www.donutnous.com, and wrote that after reading it, if they look in the mirror, they will know who the enemy is: “It is yourself.”

Enderle said Ross is lucky that FBI agents aren’t still camped in his front yard, adding “I will not waste my time on this guy.” For his part, Ross, who said he’s not a terrorist, doesn’t believe he is wasting his time.

“I may sound like a nut case now,” he said, “but I have a number of miracles that many people know about, and even the U.S. government knows about.”