Constable Mike Connors Van


RADNOR, Pa. (AP/Patch) — Police say two men hoping to stage photos of an arrest locked themselves inside a Pennsylvania constable’s van and ended up getting arrested for real.

Radnor police tell the Philadelphia Daily News that 21-year-old Ryan Letchford and 22-year-old Jeffrey Olson were arrested early Saturday when another person called 911 to report the men were trapped.

The Marlton, N.J., men left a party and allegedly got into the van so they could take photos of themselves pretending to be arrested. Investigators say a friend discovered the men inside the van but couldn’t unlock it and called police.

When Constable Mike Connor let Olson and Letchford out of the van, the two men allegedly stated that they could not recall how they wound up inside the vehicle, according to Radnor Patch.

Both men were arraigned on charges of theft, public drunkenness and criminal mischief and posted bail. Phone listings for them could not immediately be located.