SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Four people accused of using a skimming device to steal ATM card information were back in a Sacramento courtroom Monday afternoon.


Armen Babayan, Norik Hovhannisyan, Asmik Abramyan, and Vartanian Zorik are all accused of attempting to use a skimming device to steal ATM card information from a bank in Elk Grove on July 3.


Babayan and Hovannisyan are also accused of attempting the same thing at a bank in Citrus Heights just days later while out on bail.


“These people had the means to steal hundreds or thousands of names and card information,” said deputy District Attorney Joy Smiley.


The judge increased bail for Babayan and Hovannisyan to $100,000 because of they were rearrested on similar criminal charges.


However, a southern California defense attorney who spoke for the defendants said that he believes this is a case of vandalism, not identity theft.


“The people’s case is very weak,” said Glendale-based attorney Raffi Naljian.