Jarrod McKinney, a 37 year old skydiver, could not believe his iPhone 4 still works after fell from 13,500 feet height.

It happened when Jarrod was doing a double skydive attraction with his wife at Winsted, Minnesota.

Jarrod admitted he put his favorite gadget together with a cigarette lighter in his pocket. But when he landed, he realized his pocket was empty.

Jarrod never knew when it jumped out from his pocket. But, he still tried to look for the phone using gps trackingapp, then found it about half mile from the landing place.

“It’s the end of my fourth iPhone,” said Jarrod. The phone’s glass surface was shattered.

Jarrod had thought to throw away the iPhone 4. But Joe Johnson, his skydiving instructor, tried to dial the phone just for fun. They were surprised when the phone started to vibrate and ring.

“Hey! It’s still working,” said Jarrod happily.