John Twombly Wedding Arrest


John Twombly didn’t exactly get what he expected on his wedding night.

What he did receive was a night in jail and a mug shot.

Twombly, 31, allegedly became enraged at the wedding reception after he felt one of the groomsmen was dancing inappropriately with his bride, Khamla. According to a police report obtained by the The Des Moines Register the man seemed “very intoxicated” when police arrived at his wedding on Saturday.

Documents say Twombly approached and pushed Cullen so hard that Cullen lost his balance and knocked over a ceramic column near where an off-duty police officer was sitting on a stool.

That’s when things went from bad to worse.

According to the Fox News Report (which you can see for yourself below) the fight continued as the off-duty officer called for backup. Twombly was eventually subdued, but not before first allegedly assaulting one of the officers.

Whether or not the police response was appropriate is a different story. “The police officer completely lost it,” John Ellsworth Frederick Schildberg III, a wedding guest that came to Twombly’s aid, told Fox. “I didn’t touch the officer at all except on his bicep, and he went berserk on me. … He pinned my head down with his knee.”

The Des Moines Register reported that as many as 20 officers possibly responded to the original call.

Twombly was charged with a slew of offenses including criminal mischief, tw ocounts of assault on an officer, and disorderly conduct.

This is the second wedding incident in the past few days, though the last arrest involved the bride instead of the groom. Tammy Lee Hinton was arrested for identity theft at her own wedding last week just moments after saying “I do.”