Sheyla Hershey, Brazil, won a world record for the largest breast in the world 2009 . She did 9 surgeries and add a gallon of silicone in her breast. After that she had the size 38KKK for them.
But that was 2009, how about 2011?

Sheyla Hershey, the biggest breast size 2009

Chelsea Charms has the biggest breast size in the world 2011. She surprisingly showed up in an ITV television show in United States. Chelsea Charms, 35-year-old, showed off her amazing super extra large breasts with size, 164 XXX. Itsy and Bitsy, that’s how to call her breasts, each with 13 kilograms weight.

Chelsea said she enlarged them to attract men. No wonder, because her profession as a strip dancer and adultmovie star demanded  her challenging appereance. She has secret serum that can increase the breasts size by 1 inch/month, which she used it regularly.

Chelsea Charms, the biggest breast size in the world 2011