Grover Norquist says the debt ceiling deal has his blessing.

grover norquist approves debt dealNorquist, who heads the powerful anti-tax group Americans for Tax Reform, tells Newsmax that congressional members who signed his group’s “pledge” promising never to vote for a tax increase can vote for this deal.

“The deal proved that we can cut spending without trading away tax hikes,” Norquist says.

He adds that the deal is no passing congressional fad, but a milestone in Capitol Hill thinking about spending and taxes.

“The deal set a new precedent: Never again will the debt ceiling be raised without a similarly sized spending cut being attached,” he tells Newsmax.

The big loser in the deal?

Norquist declares unequivocally that Obama wins that title.

“Obama’s internal polling must scare the heck out of him,” Norquist says. “He caved on the key Republican demands: no tax hike, spending cuts equal to the debt ceiling increase.”

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