Miles Fisher Final Destination 5 Video Spoof

If you happen to see “Final Destination 5″ this weekend, try to keep your eyes open long enough to check out Miles Fisher, a singer, actor and viral video hit-maker extraordinaire, who stars in the gory summer flick.

Chances are you’ll think he looks familiar–and it’s not just because his uncanny resemblance to Tom Cruise. Fisher has become something of a viral sensation as of late, thanks to his hilarious (yet scarily accurate) Tom Cruise imitation in “Superhero Movie” and a raunchy tribute to “American Psycho,”featuring his cover of the Talking Heads’ “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)”.

But it’s his latest clip that’s generated the most viral buzz, in which the bloody “Final Destination” franchise meets the teenage innocence of “Saved by the Bell“–and let’s just say, it’s pretty epic.

In the video, which is set to Fisher’s catchy pop single “New Romance” (a track he recorded with Rooney frontman Robert Schwartzman), the 28-year-old actor plays a very Zack Morris-like character, complete with a “brutal blonde wig spray painted to oblivion,” says Fisher in an interview with The Huffington Post. But Bayside High wouldn’t be complete without the likes of Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano and Mr. Belding, so Fisher asked his “Final Destination 5” co-stars Emma Bell, Nick D’Agosto, P.J. Byrne, Ellen Wroe, Jacqueline Macinnes Wood, and David Koechner for a little help.

“I decided that I wanted this video to have a much safer, family-friendly vibe, and immediately early-90s sitcoms popped into my head, but I’m always looking at how to make things a little more subversive and edgy,” says Fisher. “So as we were looking at incorporating this world of violence into a ‘Saved by the Bell’ bright, lucky, happy, safe world, I started thinking that these people [the “Final Destination 5″ cast] could fit really well as cameos for various characters, and they all agreed to do it.”

So the idea of a “Saved by the Bell”/”Final Destination” mash-up was born, and after days of tediousresearch (i.e. “watching every season of ‘Saved by the Bell'”) Fisher and his frequent collaborator, Dave Green, who directed the “New Romance” video, needed to find the perfect way to execute the video–and his friends, of course.

“They were crazy to have faith in me,” says Fisher. “Figuring out ways in that world for people to die, death by pom-pom catching on fire or by locker falling, it was a lot of fun, and I’m really happy with the result.”

Fisher admits that he’s “not a huge fan of horror movies,” so perhaps it comes as no surprise that he would turn to retro–borderline cheesy–’90s humor to make the violence a little less disturbing, but what exactly does blood and guts in a high school cafeteria have to do with the song “New Romance”?

“For each song that I write, I aways think about how I want the video to be done,” says Fisher. “So for this one I really wanted a high school setting to go along with this happy-go-lucky pop song. The original idea was a happy back-to-school song about high school and new romance, and I was always kind of thinking of Kelly Kapowski in the back of my head. She’s like the typical high school dream girl. It’s funny people people will comment on the video and say, ‘Man, this video is so cool, not crazy about the song though.’ But I think of the song more as a soundtrack to the video, not necessarily a stand-alone track.”

While some people may not be too crazy about the song, the video is a bonafide hit. It’s already been viewed over 380,000 times, and even “Saved by the Bell” star Mark Paul Gosselaar has given his stamp of approval.

“A friend of mine saw him at the airport, and he walked up over to him to show him the video, and he was already watching it on his laptop, which is pretty funny.”

Fisher will also be releasing another track this September–and as to be expected–there will be another video to accompany it, this time with one featuring “Secret Circle” actress Phoebe Tonkin (and without severed body parts).

But don’t expect any spoofing, as he assures us, “This one’s a totally original concept.”