Aaron Richardson


Marriage — whether it’s a blissful match or an utter disaster — is not something that people are likely to forget, but a Florida man accused of bigamy said he doesn’t remember his first marriage.

Despite court documents that apparently showed Aaron Richardson, 66, of Vero Beach wed a second woman while still married to his first wife, he told police that he didn’t have any memory of tying the knot in 2004 with Arkina Sneed, WPBF-TV reported.

Authorities didn’t buy it and charged Richardson with bigamy on Tuesday, according to the Indian River County Sheriff’s website.

Investigators uncovered Richardson’s alleged double life while researching a domestic violence injunction he filed against Sneed, CBS 12 reported. That investigation revealed that Richardson had two marriage licenses and no divorces.

Richardson said he dated Sneed when he was released from prison, but denied that they got hitched.

He might want to forget his second marriage too. His new bride — who he acknowledges is his spouse — is Irene Clark. The couple married last year, but Clark filed for divorce in May, CBS 12 said.