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Kanye West Falling Off Stage In Norway!

Mystikal – Smoke somethin


Smoke Something }lyrics
Smoke something niggas
This one go out to all the niggas that be getting loaded
all the ladies that be getting loaded

Score it up, roll it up, blow it up
I’m bout to let you niggas know something
‘fore you get mad and throw something,
bitch you better smoke something
If it’s on your chest, get’s rid of that mess, for the end of that stress
Nigga told me that’s sess was the best, so I got’s to test
It’s all in the roll, fuck how you hold it
If you didn’t notice that I was fucked up, y’all niggas ain’t loaded
Speakin’ of myself I’m just a rap writer
But before I get my nerves bad, let me go get my — let me go get my lighter
Blaze up a swissa full of herb, shut the door, shut the window
Close the gate, get the phone out, I don’t want to be disturbed
I’m on too but I’m in my own home
High as Cheech N Chong, in my own zone, smokin’ homegrown
Smoke all over this motherfucker
But never would have knowed it, if I wasn’t loaded
So come and take a walk with me
Get spark with me *inhales* what a brought with me
See ya’ll nigga can’t find this, niggas be moving in slow motion
smokin’ that Bionic Chronic
And ain’t no weed like Bo-Weed
No four like that score
I be screamin but yall know what I’m fiendin’ for
Nigga you wanna know something?
Fuck the dumb shit, nigga you better smoke something

Jon Stewart Fox News Norway


On Wednesday night’s “Daily Show,” Jon Stewart put aside the debt ceiling debate to focus on the recent terrorist attacks in Norway, or at least how Fox News responded to them. Once again Stewart found an opportunity to point out hypocrisy on the network, once again coming from the mouth of Bill O’Reilly.

Several Fox News pundits including Laura Ingrahm and O’Reilly have accused the mainstream media of “Playing up the Christian angle” when reporting bomber Anders Behring Breivik’s profile and attacks. Ingrahm rejected the idea that he represents any Christian sect, fringe or otherwise. While Stewart agreed Breivik’s actions were not Christian, he couldn’t believe how misdirected the focus was on the story:

“Yes, the massacre in Norway is a tragic story… About the persecution of Christians.”

Stewart continued to point out exactly why the media is discussing Breivik’s self-declared Christianity, and reassured Ingrahm they’re “not doing it to get at you.” Perhaps Breivik’s 1,500 page manifesto and Powerpoint video paying tribute to Christian crusaders is what gave people the idea that he was a religious extremist. Just maybe.

But the biggest hypocrisy Stewart uncovered came from Bill O’reilly’s double standard when discussing religious terrorists. While he insists Breivik is not a Christian (“What, because he says he is? come on!”), he has no problem saying the Fort Hood gunman is Islamic. His defense? Nidal Hasan carried a business card that said he was a solider of Allah. Stewart had to throw up his hands:

“See the difference? That guy printed up ‘Soldier of Allah’ business cards! The other guy only printed up an Army of Christ manifesto.”


Religious Leaders Arrested At Capitol For Budget Protest (VIDEO)

Clergy arrested for protesting debt deal

Clergy arrested for protesting debt deal

WASHINGTON — Capitol Hill police arrested 11 people — many of them members of the clergy — protesting the Republican House budget-cutting plan, a police spokeswoman said.

The group, organized by Common Cause’s president, the Rev. Bob Edgar, occupied the center of the historic Rotunda for more than a half hour Thursday, praying and singing until police closed the massive chamber and arrested the group, one by one.

Before officers closed the Rotunda, many visitors sang along, clapped, and filmed the prayers, although it was not clear that passersby understood what the group was protesting.

Common Cause spokeswoman Mary Boyle said they were trying to make a simple point.

“They were trying to send the message to Congress that the budget cannot be balanced on the backs of the poor, the middle class, or the neediest in society,” Boyle said.

She said that Edgar only decided on the action recently, because it appeared likely some sort of legislation would soon come out of Congress that hurts the vulnerable.

A police spokeswoman said the clergy members were cooperative, and were charged with demonstrating in the United States Capitol. They were expected to be released in the afternoon.

One protester who was not arrested, police said, was Rabbi Arthur Waskow, of the Shalom Center in Philadelphia.

Police gave Waskow, 77, a wheelchair while he waited with his colleagues for them to be cuffed with plastic bindings. They took the chair back after the last protester was arrested. It appeared as if the elderly leader hoped to keep it to leave, but police said he did not complain.

“Congress is paralyzed by toxic partisan politics while people suffer,” said one of the protest organizers, the Rev. Michael Livingston, Past President of the National Council of the Churches of Christ (USA), in a statement.

“Our elected officials are protecting corporations and wealthy individuals while shredding the safety net for millions of the most vulnerable people in our nation and abroad. Our faith won’t allow us to passively watch this travesty unfold. … Today, we ‘offer our bodies as a living sacrifice’ to say to congress ‘Raise revenue, protect the vulnerable and those living in poverty.’”

The representatives said that if programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are cut or changed as part of spending reductions, responsibilities for assisting the poor and elderly would fall heavily on houses of worship, which they said are already strained for resources.

In addition to Livingston, those who were arrested included Jim Winkler, General Secretary of the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church; the Rev. Jennifer Butler, Executive Director of Faith in Public Life; the Rev. Paul Sherry, Director of the Washington Office of Interfaith Worker Justice; the Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, Director of Public Witness in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.); Sandy Sorenson, Director of Washington Office of the United Church of Christ; Martin Shupack, Director of Advocacy of Church World Service; Jordan Blevins, Director of Peace Witness Ministries of the Church of the Brethren; and the Rev. Dr. Bob Edgar, President of Common Cause.

Also on Thursday, 70 Catholic clergy, theologians and scholars from Ohio released a letter toRepublican House Speaker John Boehner, who is from the state and is Catholic, encouraging him to not slash social programs.

“As one of the most powerful Catholics in Congress, you are now faced with a monumental choice. You can heed to the consistent moral calls from Catholics who have urged lawmakers to decrease our debt fairly and protect the most vulnerable or you can heed to growing political pressure from Tea Party Republicans,” the letter read.

The letter follows a similar statement to lawmakers that was released Wednesday by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Also this week, religious groups ran radio ads in Ohio, Kentucky and Neveda with testimonies from pastors about the effect of debt ceiling negotiations on their communities and Sojourners, a liberal Christian network, released it’s latest ad in Politico telling lawmakers that “God is watching” the debt ceiling and deficit reduction debate.

This article has been updated with reporting from the event.


R&B singer Monica is back with a new (yet familiar sample) for her latest song featuring Rick Ross and Lil Kim. Listen Here!

A Note From Ty: Sounds like another hip hop turned R&B song produced by Missy Elliott. Usually get bored with remakes but this is Who Shot Ya!!! I think I like Monica’s song just for the sample lol Also starts off with a little Mary J. sample from “All I Need”.

While everyone is on a vacation and enjoying the warm weather, the music industry is still working overtime this summer. This week, Young Buck gives us a little preview of his forthcoming mixtape, Back On My Buck Shit v.3, while the uber-talented Frank Ocean continues to build his legacy with a new leak called “Anywhere.” Also, check out new music by Joell Ortiz, Donny Goines, Consquence, Lil Wayne, Ghostface and more.

Consequence ft. Kid Cudi – “On My Own” – Listen Here
Kid Cudi supplies the hook for this new Kanye West produced song from Consequence called “On My Own.”

Joell Ortiz ft. Pharoahe Monch & B.o.B – “Psycho” – Listen Here
Joell Ortiz decides to enlist the help of Pharoahe Monch to remix this Tech N9ne song “Psycho.”

Donny Goines – “WhatupBRO” – Listen Here
Donny Goines drops off this new up-tempo song “WhatupBRO.”

Theophilus London – “No Particular One”- Listen Here
Theophilus London covers John Boone’s “Particular One.”

Young Buck – “Addicted” – Listen Here
Off Buck’s upcoming mixtape, Back On My Buck Shit v.3.

Monica ft. Rick Ross & Lil’ Kim – “Anything (To Find You)”- Listen Here
Ross and Lil’ Kim hop on Monica’s new single produced by Missy Elliot, off her upcoming New Life LP.

Glasses Malone ft. Ya Boy – “Rich N Thuggin” – Listen Here
Glasses continues the trend of putting out ear friendly music with this latest track featuring Ya Boy, rumoredly off his upcoming album.

Jahbari ft. Styles P – “Miss Me With The Bullshit” – Listen Here
New R&B featuring the Ghost.

Outlawz ft. Scarface & Lloyd – “Pushin On”- Listen Here
Off Outlawz’ upcoming project Killuminati 2k11.

Ghostface Killah ft. Action Bronson & Termanology – “Meteor Hammer” – Listen Here
Off the Legendary Weapons album dropping July 26th.

Frank Ocean – “Anywhere” – Listen Here
Aside from tags on his songs, Franky can seem to do no wrong.

DOOM/Starks – “Victory Laps” – Listen Here
Fans have been waiting for over five years for the collaboration between DOOM and Ghostface, and Nature Sounds is finally preparing it. This is the first track “Victory Laps (Madvillainz Remix)” — produced by DOOM and Madlib!

Glasses Malone ft. Ya Boy – “Rich N Thuggin” – Listen Here
Two of Cali’s finest hop on this new banger together.

Pusha T ft. Tyler, The Creator – “Trouble On My Mind” – Listen Here
While previews of the video have entered the blogosphere some days ago, the world has been waiting for the full audio version of Pusha T’s collaboration with Tyler, the Creator, “Trouble on my Mind,” to drop. Now, the Neptunes produced cut has eventually arrived in its full audio glory and as you can hear below, it sure offers a different type of lyrical approach from both artists.

Lil Wayne – “Tunechi’s Back” – Listen Here
Making up for postponing his much anticipated LP Tha Carter IV till August 29 and saying thank you to his fans for attending the first leg of the I Am Still Music Tour, Lil Wayne has decided to treat his fans with an all new mixtape, entitled Sorry 4 the Wait on July 13. As the first audio impression, Weezy makes it loud and clear that “Tunechi’s Back” over Meek Mill and Rick Ross’ “Tupac Back” instrumental.

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