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Are we really proud of the George Daw precedent?

The New York state bus driver was fired Monday because he “endangered welfare of students he was transporting when he picked up three unauthorized passengers,” according to the Educational Bus Company on Long Island. But as transgressive as that statement makes Daw’s actions sound, what in fact happened was what would commonly be described as either an act of heroism or at the least a Good Samaritan in action. What Daw did was rescue three police officers who were stranded in a hailstorm on Aug. 1.

“I felt this was something anyone would do under the circumstances,” said Daw, 58, according to an NBC News report. The incident took place in New Hyde Park, just south of the Long Island Expressway. The passengers in Daw’s bus included a teenager and a bus matron. As he passed through the park, Daw noticed the unmarked police car flooding, with three passengers inside.

“They’re saying, ‘You’ve got to help us, you’ve got to help us,’ ” Daw told NBC. ” ‘You’ve got to get us to the third precinct. We’re police officers.’ ”

So he took their cue, and brought the officers to their precinct. By the time he returned to his headquarters in Copiague, located in Long Island’s Nassau County, he was given his dismissal notice.

Laws protecting Good Samaritans can come in a variety of forms. New York state passed a version in July that prohibited arresting someone on a drug possession charge if that person was contacting police tohelp an overdose victim. Most commonly, the laws protect bystanders who come to the aid of an emergency but run the risk of contributing to injuries or a wrongful death. Indeed, New York is one state that has such aprotective statute for licensed dentists, physicians, nurses, physicians and physical therapists.

But in a case like Daw’s, the decision ultimately rests with his employer. New York state does have established wrongful termination laws, and Daw says that he is hoping to be reinstated. But he also says that he holds out little hope. When approached for comment about the incident by CBS News, Educational Bus had no comment.


A spokesman for Libya‘s rebel movement has told the Reuters news agency that Muammar Qaddafi‘s son Khamis was killed in a NATO air strike.

Libya NATO bombing state tv

Soldiers and dozens of tanks from the Libyan military’s elite Khamis Brigade, led by Qaddafi’s youngest son Khamis Qaddafi, take positions and check vehicles after arriving hours earlier on the road in Harshan, 10km east of Zawiya, in Libya, Monday, Feb. 28, 2011. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

Khamis leads the “Khamis Brigade,” described by Al Jazeera as the Libyan army’s best trained and equipped elite special forces unit.


In another report, rebel spokesman Mohammad al-Rajali told the Associated Press that Khamis’ death was still unconfirmed by rebel fighters on the ground, but that he had also heard similar accounts.


The missile strike took place near the front line of the fight between the rebels and Qaddafi’s forces, in the town of Ziltan, between rebel-held Misurata and the capital city of Tripoli, which is firmly in the hands of regime loyalists.


NATO confirmed the strike in a statement to CBS News, saying an ammunition storage facility and a military police compound “within a combat area” were targeted Friday morning.

“We are aware of the news reports” of Khamis Qaddafi’s death, said the statement. NATO would not confirm any casualties in the strike, reitterating official NATO policy that the alliance “does not target individuals.”

NATO said takes “all allegations about civilian casualties very seriously and we are looking into it, as we always do.”


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Reuters says Khamis’ brigade was known to have been fighting in the area.


Ironically, Khamis was given a VIP tour of the U.S. Air Force Academy just eight days before the uprising against his father began in Libya.


The Air Force Academy confirmed he had visited the school in February during a U.S. tour that included businesses and other schools.


Academy spokesman Lt. Col. John Bryan said Khamis Qaddafi got a standard VIP tour of the schools facilities on Feb. 7, but that he saw and learned nothing which could have helped the regime in the uprising.


U.S. Admiral Samuel Locklear described the brigade as a “premier force for Colonel Qaddafi” that “we have been watching closely.”

A doll that teaches young girls how to breast feed, which is about to hit stores across the U.S., has prompted a wave of complaints from angry parents.

Makers of The Breast Milk Baby claim that the doll, which simulates breastfeeding, allows children to experience the ‘magic of motherhood’.

But parents have spoken out in anger over the toy, which they have slammed as ‘totally bizarre’.


Controversial: Spanish toy makers have launched The Breast Milk Baby on the U.S. market claiming that it lets young girls experience the ‘magic of motherhood’

The doll comes with a bib for the child to wear, with pink flowers indicating the nipple area.

When held to the breast the doll makes suckling noises, and start crying if it is not burped afterwards.

Parents have complained that the doll, which has only been available online in the U.S. until now, is inappropriate for young girls.

‘I think that it’s totally bizarre to teach a prepubescent child how to breastfeed,’ Nicole from Manhattan told CBS News. ‘Quite strange.’

Breast Milk Baby

bebe gloton

Breast is best: Breast Milk Baby latches on to a flower-shaped nipple, emitting a suckling sound

‘I think it’s very creepy,’ another woman told the network. ‘I don’t think little kids should be breastfeeding.’

‘I don’t approve of it at all. I think it’s ridiculous for a child. Let her learn it when she’s older,’ one woman told CBS News.

Dennis Lewis, U.S. spokesman for Berjuan Toys responded: ‘The whole purpose of The Breast Milk Baby is to teach children the nurturing skills they’ll need to raise their own healthy babies in the future.

‘We really don’t understand why this has created such controversy.’

And though the overwhelming response has been negative, there are some parents that believe the Breast Milk Baby is harmless.
Breast Milk Baby

Educational: Makers of The Breast Milk Baby claim that the doll teaches ‘children the nurturing skills they’ll need to raise their own healthy babies in the future.’

Scott from Manhattan told CBS News that he would not buy the doll, but said: ‘Make a product, if it sells, it sells.’

The range of six dolls are available in both sexes and a range of different ethnicities, retailing for $89 each.

Released in Spain two years ago under the name Bebe Gloton, meaning greedy baby, the toy was widely criticised by parents that felt it promoted the sexualisation of children.

Elaine Riddick is one of the victims of North Carolina's sterilization program.


RALEIGH, N.C. – A task force investigating the forced sterilization of about 7,600 people in North Carolina said in a draft report Monday that survivors should get money as compensation but is not yet sure how much.

Figures ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 have been recommended for the 3,000 victims who are still alive but the Eugenics Task Force said it needs more time to consider those and other amounts. Any compensation should be exempt from state taxes, the report said.

Panel members also want to consider a request that victims’ estates be eligible for compensation.

“We know that in a period of tight budgets, compensation may not be popular among your constituents,” the task force said in a letter to Gov. Beverly Perdue that accompanies the report. “For many citizens, it may be hard to justify spending millions when the state is cutting back on other essential services. But the fact is, there never will be a good time to redress these wrongs and the victims have already waited too long.”

A spokeswoman said the governor had no immediate comment.

The state ended the sterilization program in 1977, three years after the last procedure. In 2002, then-Gov. Mike Easley apologized for the program.

Women and girls made up about 85 percent of the victims in North Carolina, which ramped up its sterilizations after World War II. Around 70 percent of all North Carolina’s sterilizations were performed after the war, peaking in the 1950s, according to state records.

Nationwide, there were more than 60,000 known victims of sterilization programs, with perhaps another 40,000 sterilized through “unofficial” channels like hospitals or local health departments working on their own initiative. Eugenics was aimed at creating a better society by filtering out people considered undesirable, ranging from criminals to those imprecisely designated as “feeble-minded.”

Sterilization victim “raped by the state of NC”

In June, CBS Evening News did a report about the forced sterilizations in North Carolina. It affected Beverly Riddick who, as a then-14-year-old rape victim in the late 1960s, was sterilized under orders by the state after she gave birth.

“I’ve always been able to take care of myself – I’ve never been promiscuous,” Riddick, now 57, told CBS News. “So how can people use these things to describe a child that had been abandoned? Or that had been raped by the neighbor and then again, raped by the state of North Carolina.”

About a half dozen other states have apologized for their eugenics program, but none has a plan to compensate victims.

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