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Facebook related crime triples

It comes from a report of Nottinghamshire police that reveals thatcrimes entwining social networking site, Facebook has tripled when compared to previous year data.

As the reports suggest the crimes have multiplied to an alarming 346 percent within a years’ time, with harassment ranking top in widely reported crimes.

The data produced by the Nottinghamshire police states that during April 2008 and March 2009, they received 13 complaints which were accredited to the popular social networking site. The same figure rose to 58 during the period between April 2009 and February 2010.

Detective Sergeant Harry Parsonage commented in a statement, “For crime that involves communication, Facebook is just a method of communication.”

On the other hand Facebook officials stated in denial, “It is no surprise that Facebook is also mentioned in criminal reporting, especially since everyone knows that the police use Facebook as a tool.”

However the police authorities plead guilty of the extent of usage of the social networking platform in committing crimes at the same time expressed their awe in soaring rates ofincidents and seek to get in to the depth of the matter.



For the fifth time since 2004, Cory Smits of Two Rivers, Wis. was convicted of operating while intoxicated, according to The Herald Time Reporter/a>.

Smits, 29, was convicted on July 7 for his latest offense, which occurred on Feb. 12, the paper said. Cops said that Smits had a blood alcohol level of .29. They blasted him with pepper-spray to control him after he repeatedly hit his head against the police car‘s back seat.

The judge who handled Smits’ trial took away his license for three years, ordered him to maintain total sobriety and to submit to regular urine tests, among other punishments, the newspaper said.


Dumb Crime: Masterminds Need Not Apply
1 of 100

Tajuana Banks, 31, of Des Moines, IA is seen in this mugshot from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Banks is accused of assaulting 63-year-old Connie Jones with a bratwurst after a verbal argument.

From the Questionable Statistics Department comes this ad depicting an assembly line of identical blondes who have to cross their legs at the ankles to keep their nether regions from exploding like angry beehives. The ad’s vision of “procurable women” looks more like a store shelf of Barbie dolls, or the inside of a serial killer‘s eyelids when asked to picture “procurable women.”

The real question is what they were even trying to accomplish here. Did they want to eradicate sex altogether? Were the Nazis trying to infiltrate the U.S. Navy with an army of gonorrhea-infected Stepfordclones?


We’ve got plenty of candidates for Worst Mother Ever, and most of them seem to be coming from Florida.Today’s candidate is Candice Marie Miller, a 31-year-old from Alva who has just pleaded guilty to producing, transporting and possessing child porn image.

Of her own children.

Candice Marie Miller

Police say Miller took nude photos of herself and her son and daughter, who were 13 and 9, respectively, at the time and sent them to a man posing as an online child therapist who allegedly told women to abuse their children sexually as part of their “therapy” and send him the images.

That man, Steven Demink, was actually a car salesman who apparently just wanted women to send him child porn images, according to Huffington Post Crime.

The two met on a dating site for single parents… which is not exactly how I pictured those places.

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