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Pot Brownies Band Camp

Three high school students allegedly passed out marijuana-laced brownies to 23 unwitting classmates at a summer band camp in O’Fallon, Illinois. The students who ate the brownies did not know the brownies contained any drugs, but also didn’t notice any effects from the marijuana.

The three student “bakers” could face criminal charges — giving out drugs to unknowing recipients can obviously be a health hazard. The police learned of the incident after a student told a school official.

Police Chief John Betten remarked that band camp is “one of the last places where you would expect something like this to happen.”

Tell that to Alyson Hannigan.

Milwaukee man who worked as a pastor and a youth counselor until last summer has been charged in federal court with dealing heroin, according to court documents.

Smoke Crack & Go to Church

Court documents describe West as the leader of the group that often went to Chicago to buy heroin, developed an “innovative way of cutting” the drug to maximize profits, hired armed enforcers to protect the operation and personally carried a gun.

West was ordained in 1969 and most recently was a pastor with his wife, Linda Hughes, at the Prayer House of Deliverance, according to his attorney and court documents.

Hughes said she and West split more than a year ago and since then she has been the only pastor at the church, near N. 9th and W. Center streets. Authorities went to the church looking for West, after they received a tip he was hiding there, Hughes said.

West was not in the church and he turned himself in a short time later, according to his attorney.

Hughes said she didn’t know anything about West’s alleged drug-dealing operation.

“I had nothing to do with that mess,” Hughes said.

Jonathan Hughes, 28, son of Linda Hughes and John West, also is charged. Linda Hughes said her son got caught up in the operation but is innocent.

But according to court documents, Jonathan Hughes and his father were partners in the heroin-dealing operation.

West’s attorney, Matt Ricci, said his client told him he worked as a youth counselor until June, but Ricci was not certain where. The church where West was pastor formerly was at 3828 W. Burleigh Ave., according to court documents.

West has cancer, diabetes and gout, Ricci said. He is being held in the Waukesha County jail after a federal magistrate judge refused to set a bail for him.

West was convicted twice in state court of drug dealing, in 1997 and 1998, according to online court records.

Ricci said federal documents portray West as the drug operation’s leader, but the facts may not support that conclusion. West has pleaded not guilty.

Besides West and Hughes, others indicted earlier this month include William “Lucky” Hunter, 56; David “Mouse” Haywood, 39; Antwon “Bree” Pierce, 36; Latrice Griffin, no age provided; Joseph Miller, 34; Karen Hwilka, 53; Cory Panzer, 38; and Phillip Klapka, no age provided.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration along with the West Allis Police Department and other law enforcement agencies investigated the case.

According to court documents:

For at least a year, West regularly traveled to Chicago, where he once lived and referred to as “the store,” to buy 150 grams of heroin at a time – worth more than $20,000 on the street. One person said West bought heroin every day in Chicago.

West’s son, Jonathan Hughes, helped in the distribution of heroin and provided security. Another defendant, Haywood, mixed heroin and also worked security. West and the others sold drugs from a house in the 4200 block of W. Concordia Ave.

West carried a .38-caliber handgun when meeting buyers. Co-defendant Miller said he saw as many as five guns in the house at once. Besides heroin, Miller said, he saw large volumes of crack cocaineand marijuana for sale at the house.

Miller said he believes “West has at least 40 customers that buy drugs from him and West is willing to sell drugs at any time of the day or night.”

Miller was a regular West customer – until he fell a couple of thousand dollars behind in payments. Then Miller’s mother, Hwilka, started dealing with West directly. She started selling heroin from her home in the 3600 block of S. 58th St.

West called her “mama.”

In the northwestern state of Sinaloa, the Mexican army discover a huge subterranean methamphetamine drug laboratory.

Troops found the methamphetamine laboratory while on a routine patrol in the town of La Cruz de Elota.

Methamphetamine, which is more commonly known as crystal meth, is an highly addictive illegal stimulant frequently produced in amateur conditions.

Authorities said the underground factory, the second to be found in the state of Sinaloa within a month, was four metres deep and measured 100 square metres.

Inside, three giant drug-producing reactors were found as well as tools, special suits and diverse chemicals used to make crystal meth, although authorities did not reveal the quantity of the drug seized.


Sen. Kalani English: “I took this up because I saw people who were suffering

The latest attempt to set up a medical marijuana dispensary system in Hawaii — more than a decade after the state legalized cannabis for medicinal use — was snuffed out in committee this week on Oahu.

East Maui Sen. Kalani English had said the bill had a “really good chance of passing,” pointing out that it would generate needed revenue and give patients safe access to medicine, reports Jacob Shafer at Maui Time.
“I took this up because I saw people who were suffering, sometimes in the last months of their life,” English said.
Medical marijuana has been legal since 2000 in Hawaii, with an act removing state-level criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation by patients who have a signed statement from their physician affirming they suffer from a debilitating condition and that the “potential benefits of medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the health risks.”
Senate Bill 1458 would have created a limited, five-year pilot program for medical marijuana dispensaries providing safe access to authorized patients. The proposal would have started the dispensary program in an unspecified county of Hawaii.

Surprise surprise — Hawaii legislators managed to screw it up.
One of the sticking points, according to AP, was whether the proposed dispensaries would sell to all eligible medical marijuana patients, or only those with “serious ailments” like cancer and AIDS — with the obvious and nasty implication being that other patients “aren’t really sick.”

Robert Morris Meow Mix


Meth-meth-meth-meth, meth-meth-meth-meth. Meth-meth-meth-meth. Meth-meth-meth-meth! ♫

It might sound like a botched version of the Meow Mix jingle sung by a cat with a lisp — but it’s actually what police in Florida say they found inside a bag of the popular cat food brand.

Officers from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office have arrested Robert Morris, 48, after he allegedly tried to pick up a FedEx package containing a bag of Meow Mix stuffed with $30,000 of crystal methamphetamine.

The strange case started when a title company in Leesburg received a parcel addressed to a client in Washington. Workers were suspicious because nobody was expecting the package, so they turned it over to police, according to a Sheriff’s Office press release.

When cops opened it up, they found a bag of feline food stuffed with about 260 grams of the dangerous amphetamine.

While police investigated the case, Morris allegedly called the title company and asked if the package had been delivered.

With that information, undercover detectives scheduled a meeting with the suspect in a restaurant parking lot to hand over the package.


After Morris allegedly accepted the drugs, police locked him up.

As the president-elect of the Realtor‘s Association of Lake and Sumter Counties, Morris was considered an esteemed member of the local real estate community, The Orlando Sentinel reports.

He has been charged with trafficking over 200 grams of methamphetamine and resisting arrest. His bond has been set at $500,500.

The North Charleston Police Department arrested two people after investigators say they found more than $33,000 worth of marijuana at a home in North Charleston.

Authorities charged 69-year-old Oliver Kennedy and 63-year-old Lavern Kennedy with possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

The couple was arrested after NCPD‘s narcotics unit executed a search warrant at the suspects’ home on Park Place South in the Olde Village Community.

A police report states that officers located 3,362.6 grams of marijuana, with an estimated street value of $33,620, along with several items consistent with packaging, weighing and using the illegal substance.

In addition, five long guns were also located inside the residence.

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