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Brett Cummins


Arkansas police are investigating the death of a man found naked in a hot tub next to a sleeping TV weatherman.

A friend woke meteorologist Brett Cummins, of Little Rock station KARK, on Labor Day. He found the forecaster snoring in the empty whirlpool next to a nude man with a dog collar around his neck, The Arkansas Democrat & Gazette reported.

The 36-year-old resident who made the grisly discovery, Christopher Barbour, allegedly told police that the victim, 24-year-old Dexter Williams, was blue in the face and lying near Cummins’ shoulder,ArkansasNews.com reported.

Barbour says the two men were in his home the night before, drinking and snorting drugs. Police haven’t determined the cause of death, but a detective allegedly found a ring of blood in the bottom of the empty tub, ArkansasNews.com said.

Police are waiting for autopsy results and don’t consider Cummins a suspect, radio station KUARsaid.

KARK announced on Tuesday that Cumminswouldn’t be on the air because he’s “mourning the loss of a friend.”



eureka gets one more episode

Eureka fans should totally send SyFy a thank you card! This is actually a really nice gesture!

Yesterday, we learned that Eureka would NOT be returning for a sixth season, and that the show’s 12-episode fifth season would be its last.

Sure, that was disappointing for Eureka fans, but NOW we’ve learned that SyFy will give the world ONE MORE EPISODE to tie everything up!

Here’s what showrunner Jaime Paglia had to say about it:

“They’ve all been amazingly behind us. [The cancellation] was shocking news—I think shocking to even the people involved in making the decisions. We just want to go out on a high note in the most positive way we can.”

And here’s what show star Erica Cerra had to say about it:

“[The Eureka writers] have the opportunity to give us and the viewers closure—they’ve been loyal, loyal fans for years.”

We’re sure people will still hate on SyFy for cancelling the show, but we give them credit for this extra episode. Given the circumstances, we think it’s actually a pretty cool move.

What do U think? Does the extra episode order help make up for the show’s cancellation?


We haven’t discussed Jason’s storyline much so far this season, mostly because all there’s been to say is “he’s tied to a bed in Hot Shot, having strange things done to him by Crystal’s people.”

He finally breaks free in this episode, and his actions go a long way to showing how much Jason has grown since the first season, and kudos to the writers and Ryan Kwanten for making that growth seem logical and organic.



Every good TV geek knows the feeling they get when a character they like acts completely out of character – often it’s what we really mean when we talk about a show jumping the shark. It’s those moments when you say to yourself, “Wait a minute, I’ve been watching this show for three seasons and Buffy/Starbuck/Jack Bauer/Jack Shepherd would never do that.” (Or, in the case of “True Blood,” if Eric or Alcide started wearing shirts on a regular basis, that would be completely out of character.)

Conversely, the development of Jason from complete buffoon to a more responsible and capable character has been a natural progression. In earlier seasons, Jason was essentially comic relief – he slept with every woman he could, he got addicted to V, he couldn’t stand up to Amy, he came up with schemes that were, at best, quarter-baked, and threw himself into them, etc.

As mentioned, Jason has spent most of this season tied to a bed in Hot Shot, and in this episode the women of the werepanther clan are taking turns raping him, hoping to get pregnant and add a little diversity to their stagnant, brackish gene pool.

When the youngest werepanther girl, Becky, is left alone with Jason, he talks her into letting him go. Yes, it was said to save his own skin, but I’m not sure it would have even occurred to Season One Jason to tell a character about to lose her virginity that “your first time should be with a boy you really like, who brings you presents and candy.” (Maybe I’m giving the character too much credit, or it was just really well acted by Kwanten, but it seemed like he meant what he was saying and he wasn’t just being self-serving.)

For that matter, Season One Jason was not nearly responsible enough to live up to his promise to take care of the people of Hot Shot, as he has been doing since the end of Season Three, and I’m not sure he would have been strong enough to reject Crystal like he does in this episode.

But in the context of everything that’s happened to him, particularly his role in the deaths of Eggs and Eddie, it’s believable that he’s learned from his mistakes and has started to grow up. It’s nice to see it playing out in a logical way, it makes me like a character I’ve generally been indifferent to, and Kwanten does a good job of making it all seem convincing and sincere.


– On the other hand, “True Blood” writers, having the werepanthers refer to one another as “brother/husband” or “Uncle Daddy” wasn’t that funny to begin with and is just tired now. They’re incestuous backwoods folk, we get it.

– Crystal tells Jason that once he’s a werepanther, “Hot Shot’s the only place that will take you in.” Yes, clearly, because the rest of the people he knows are so uptight and intolerant when it comes to supernatural creatures…



Behind the increase: Why Netflix is raising prices (AP)








(AP) — Why is Netflix raising its prices? In part, because the company miscalculated how many people still want to receive DVDs by mail each month, a more expensive service to provide compared to its streamed Internet videos.


Netflix has been trying to lure  away from its DVDs by offering cheaper plans that include movies and TV episodes delivered over its Internet . In November, it began offering a streaming-only plan for $8, its cheapest option at the time. Yet Netflix customers aren’t flocking to Internet video as quickly as some analysts said the company expected.

Many consumers are unwilling to give up the trademark red envelopes. DVDs feature newer titles and the latest theatrical releases that aren’t available through the company’s streaming service.

So the company is adjusting its pricing to reflect the cost of its DVD business and to help bring in more money to cover growing expenses for streaming content.

Under the new plan, customers who want to rent DVDs by mail and watch video on the Internet will need to pay at least $16 per month. Netflix had been bundling both options in a single package for as low as $10 per month. But that bundled plan “neither makes great financial sense nor satisfies people who just want DVDs,” wrote Jessie Becker, .’s vice president of marketing, on a company blog Tuesday.

The price hike serves multiple purposes, analysts say. It will likely push more people into the streaming service, which will help Netflix to lower its postal expenses. The cost of shipping a DVD can be as much as 75 cents per disc, while analyst Mike Olson of Piper Jaffrey estimates that it costs just 5 cents to 10 cents to deliver a movie over the Internet.

At the same time, Netflix needs additional revenue to build up its streaming service. In the first three months of this year, Netflix spent $192 million on streaming rights after putting $406 million into the library last year. Licensing costs are expected to jump to $1.3 billion to $1.4 billion next year, said Arash Amel, research director for digital media at IHS Screen Digest.

“Netflix is under enormous pressures from the content owners to write bigger and bigger checks,” Amel said. “It had to find the money from somewhere.”

Netflix had 23.6 million subscribers in the U.S. and Canada at the end of March, double the amount from the same period two years ago. Its stock has risen 147 percent over the past year, compared to a 21 percent gain for the Standard & Poor’s 500 index.

Movie studios and television networks want to capitalize on Netflix’s success by getting the company to pay more for content.

In an example of the growing tension, Sony movies were pulled from the Netflix online streaming service last month because of what Netflix described as a “temporary contract issue” between Sony Corp. and its pay TV distributor, Starz. The issue remains unresolved.

Netflix’s contract to receive content from Starz ends next year, and analysts say Netflix will likely pay a significant amount to renew it. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said it “wouldn’t be shocking” if Netflix paid more than $200 million per year for Starz’ service, far more than the estimated $30 million a year it is paying currently.

Netflix also wants to bring in more money because, as the company has grown, it is making less per subscriber. It got a monthly average of $11.97 per subscriber in the first quarter of this year. At the end of 2006, before Internet streaming was launched, the average amount paid per subscriber was $15.87 per month.

Still, the increased pricing has alienated Netflix’s customers, who have taken to Facebook and Twitter to complain about the company’s move. Amel, of IHS Screen Digest, said Netflix had tarnished its brand image by surprising customers with the pricing change. But he said  should expect Netflix to push them toward Internet streaming going forward.

“Netflix’s future is not in the DVDs,” he said. “Netflix’s future is in the business of premium pay television delivered over the Internet.”

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